MARINE MATTERS Accreditation and Experience

Marine Matters Pty Ltd has been established to assist owners, operators, insurers, and regulators of vessels to make informed decisions in relation to the construction of vessels, their condition after construction, and their compliance with the relevant regulations and safety requirements.  We have used the term ‘vessel’ to describe a dinghy, boat, launch, vessel, or small ship (under 40m in length).  We provide the following services: marine surveying, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Surveys for Domestic Commercial Vessels, consultancy and valuing services.

Warning: the information provided by this website is very general and things can change quickly so you should make further investigations before taking any action.  We have also provided some links to assist you.

Our marine surveyors are all accredited with the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) for inspections under the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety (The National DCV Law or National Standard for Commercial Vessels) as privately operating marine surveyors. We also use marine surveyors with previous experience as Shipwrights and Boat Builders where possible. The National DCV Law applies throughout Australia for commercial vessels up to 45 metres in length.


Condition Reports

Marine surveyors are only able to visually inspect the accessible areas of the vessel but most surveyors also use a small hammer to sound the structure, and moisture meters to check for relative moisture levels in FRP composite and timber structures, weather permitting.  Infra-red thermal imaging cameras can also be used to detect moisture in these materials.  Specialists can non-destructively test (NDT) metal materials for thickness, and welds can be x-rayed, or tested for cracks and porosity with liquid dye penetrene. Engines can be checked using oil analysis kits.  Some purchasers also obtain separate reports from other specialists such as engine technicians, marine accredited electricians, and mast, spars, and rigging manufacturers...

Domestic Commercial Vessels

Domestic Commercial Vessel registration is very complex and changes are often made so this information should be used as a guide only. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority web site, in the section titled ‘Domestic Commercial Vessels’, has many excellent Guidance Notices for vessel owners and operators regarding the Certificate of Survey and the Certificate of Operation, and also has copies of all the AMSA Forms that need to be submitted for these Certificates, or for the annual renewal of these Certificates...


Marine Matters provides financial institutions, liquidators, Australian customs, insurers, divorcing couples, and accountants with vessel valuations.  They request valuations such as ‘Market Value’, Auction or Forced Sale Value’, ‘Agreed Value’, and values before and after marine incidents.

There are published guides for values of smaller, popular, production line vessels but there is no published data base of sale prices for most vessels sold in Australia.  Listed asking prices for boats for sale on websites are generally higher than the actual selling prices and the listings are difficult to compare unless they include an extensive description of the vessels for sale...


Clients, who are having a vessel constructed, or their finance companies, are able to consult with Marine Matters and the builders to develop a plan for payments at mutually acceptable stages of the construction.  When a payment is due, a Marine Matters’ surveyor checks the construction to ensure the stage has been completed.  Compliance with the specifications and the construction standards, as well as the quality of the construction, may also be included in the report if required...

Other Inspections

New Build Progress Reports

Banks and other lenders appoint marine surveyors to certify that a vessel has reached the stage of construction required for a Progress Payment.  Marine Matters is accepted by most Australian Financial Institutions for this type of inspection.

Maintenance, and Scope of Work, Lists

Marine Matters surveyors are able to prepare a ‘Scope of Work’ list, for repairs or maintenance, which can be used to obtain quotes for the repairs or maintenance.  Some vessel owners have this done before they put their vessel on the market.